about us

Impresario Live is the region’s premier provider of live entertainment concepts and events, tailored to each of the MENA countries by an extended network of promoters and an exclusive roster of exhibitions, comedians, actors and other performing artists.

Its vast network of professional contacts and exclusive agreements with major entertainment brands has catered to their client partners an outstanding and diverse range of spectacles including:



Standup Comedy



With hundreds of international shows and major events executed during the last two decades, Impresario Live is considered among the region’s oldest professionals whose name has starred in many highly-attended performances and exclusive exhibits.

The company’s rooted industry knowledge and expertise provide the necessary tools to strategically advise clients in regard to the placement of talent, the timing of performances and events, besides the components needed to make every event popular, profitable and of immediate benefit to the presenting organization and sponsoring company.

Impresario Live employs a tactically-designed and constantly updated business methodology to ensure that all events come to life at the highest level of speed and within a framework that meets the needs of every market, just on time.

Khaled Baydoun

With nearly 20 years of experience in live entertainment, sponsorship management and IP’s consultancy, Khaled Baydoun ranks among the oldest promoters of the MENA region, with hundreds of international events, exhibitions and special attractions worldwide.

“It’s a defining moment in the event and entertainment industry. The business is gradually moving from mass marketing to individually customized experiences, and events are no longer about passive visitors but rather immersive technologies that offer more interaction. So while the landscape continues to change and evolve, we believe that the MENA soils store great energy to adapt and grow. It is where we originate our vision to become game changers who vouch for creative value, international experiences and worthwhile memories.”