After nearly 20 years of active presence in the market, Impresario Live has elevated its services to reach the standards met only by a few companies around the world. Impresario Live surpasses an event to deliver an experience, specializing today in the development of live entertainment concepts, tailored in each and every detail, from design to execution, to suit different themes and contexts.

Impresario Live’s event scope covers worldwide popular themes such as cars, fashion, art, dance, entrepreneurship and all other experiences within the below categories:

Experience Inside Page

Live Theatre
Designed to entertain kids, adults and families, Impresario Live’s diverse theatre covers thrillers, romance, fantasy and a lot more, telling enchanting stories with unique spectacles and performing them within a fully entertaining experience.

Standup Comedy
Experiences are worthwhile when Impresario Live hosts the kings of comedy locally and internationally, presenting their audience with the best standup live performances -  the kind of shows Netflix would want to buy!

Here’s a different beat to “experiences.” Oldies, Pop, Jazz and every other music color finds its perfect tone in Impresario Live’s events that have been featuring the best international names and introducing new musical concepts to music lovers.

Lifestyle Experience
Through those events, Impresario Live aims to create unique spaces that people can call “my world.” Featuring different lifestyle categories, the company goes a long way expressing each in a separately customized experience.